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Changing the Way We Build Bridges

AVA is a new way of approaching how we build bridges. The aspirations of AVA are to improve the way we design, manufacture and integrate architecture into our surroundings. AVA is the new innovative bridge that has been built with focus on these key points...

1: Pre-approved system for shorter pre-construction time

Pre-approved system for shorter pre-construction time, means AVA has a consistent system architecture and is tailored to fit each location.

2: Faster assembly for reduced costs

Faster assembly for reduced costs enables bridge components to be produced, assembled and inspected in a controlled manufacturing environment. This means AVA could be delivered and built significantly faster than competitors.

3: Minimised negative climate impact

Minimised negative climate impact is achieved by the long-life, flexible and reusable design of AVA. Components are light-weighted to reduce material used, and lifting equipment needed.

4: Revolutionary dry, prefabricated foundation

Revolutionary dry, prefabricated foundation is explained in more details as a shallow, steel grid foundation, installed on screw piles. Meaning minimum disruption to the platform environment and AVA's surrounding areas, and lower embodied carbon.

5: High quality, durable materials

High quality, durable materials are utilised, following circular economy principles. AVA uses self-finished materials which are robust enough to withstand weather and vandalism and require minimum maintenance. The service period for AVA is estimated to be at least 120 years.

6: Putting passengers first

Putting passengers first is evident in the walkways, which are designed to be safe and accessible. Good visibility around corners and considered platform sight-lines make AVA easy to navigate for vulnerable users. Lifts are an integral part of the bridge structure and mean access is equitable.

7: Robust mechanics

Robust mechanics are fundamental to the creation of the bridge, AVA has custom designed lifts with a dual system to minimise downtime. Which means lifts are more likely to be in service more often ensuring access is always an option.

8: Weather resistant

Weather resistant, walkway canopy means a more comfortable experience for users. The canopy is designed to create a micro-climate that stops the bridge cooling and frosting reducing the need for de-icing salts.

9: Positive social impact

Positive social impact is reached by using AVA’s configurator tool. This can empower communities and stakeholders to design a bridge which will support their needs.

10: Any station, anywhere

Any station, anywhere. AVA, the adaptable bridge can be designed to fit all stations and situations.

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