Introducing AVA Lift

The adaptable lift

The next-generation AVA lift is pre-configured offsite & installed "plug and play" to help save time, money and the environment.

A look at an Ava lift in situ of a train line with the bridge
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Adaptable Lift benefits

The lift of tomorrow, delivering results today

The AVA lift is designed to be different. The configurable nature of the lift design means that AVA can fit any station, anywhere.

(up to) Reduction
SavingS on overall project time
Increase in
Lift service life
Increase in
lift Reliability
* average compared to traditional methods of construction
AVa lift

Any station,

The production of AVA lifts moves from the traditional "Industry 2.0" to a digital "Industry 4.0" with a focus on manufacturing rather than fabrication.

The configurable nature of the lift design means that AVA can fit any station, anywhere.

With offsite manufacturing and rapid onsite delivery, we can install effectively with a 75% reduction in overall project programme time.

Our lift is adaptable, cost & carbon effective and most importantly it's designed for the user to enable accessibility for all.

Phil Webb
AVA Bridge

AVa lifts Features

The lift with NextGen performance & efficiency

Performance is of course key when developing lift systems. When you match this with AVA's cost savings from more efficient delivery & sustainability it's a real win-win.

Cost savings

The lifts are designed and manufactured, with no lift pit and most of the assembly onsite, which results in overall savings in time and cost.

Faster procurement

With an AVA bridge, we expect a 65% reduction in site time, a 75% reduction in the overall project programme, and a 60% reduction in railway possessions.

Lower emissions

Sustainability is a big part of what we do here at AVA too. The AVA Lifts come with a step change in a reduction in WLC CO2e.

Better performance

With AVA Lifts you can expect a 200% increase in service life and a 100% increase in lift reliability.


AVA is designed to be safe and accessible. Reliability and usability are integral parts of the AVA lift methodology. The lift helps to provide equitable access for people walking, wheelchair users, bikes & trollies.

Network Rail-specific design

All of our lifts are specifically designed to suit Network Rail installation with a new or existing footbridge. They are manufactured and assembled in Sheffield from configurable parts to work with bridge variables and are delivered complete with integral installation equipment.

How it works
The "plug and play" lift

We are proud to be innovating new systems for this industry from the UK. AVA is a pre-configured, factory tested and ready-to-install lift. Installation includes minimal disruption to the platform or foundation, whilst ensuring compliance with BS EN 81-20.


  • Highly configurable to fit any station, anywhere.
  • Maximise user choice with "Knowledge Based" configurator tools for manufacturing automation.
  • Improve performance and productivity with modern methods of manufacturing, contemporary design & construction.
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  • A controlled manufacturing environment enables lift components to be produced, assembled and rigorously inspected.
  • Ready to install lift which is pre-configured & factory tested.
  • Assembled off-site, fully clad & bolted, with no need for welding.
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Rapid onsite

  • AVA can be delivered and built significantly faster than traditional methods.
  • Fully pre-commissioned and installed with minimum possessions, and line blocks.
  • Modular build allows for proven design and maximum reuse for sustainability.